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Phase One C.R.Kennedy is proud to offer medium format cameras, lenses and accessories from Phase One, a world leader in medium format camera bodies and lenses. Elevate your photography with unparalleled image quality and resolution that Phase One’s medium format backs and the exceptional performance their lenses offer. Phase One - Medium Format Cameras Digital Camera Backs ... Phase One. Phase One is the world’s leader in digital Medium Format photography. Their cameras, backs and lenses are the preferred choice of the world’s leading photographers. Phase One’s RAW processing software, Capture One, supports their own Phase One backs and is also a … Phase One XF 100MP Review - Specifications Jan 04, 2016 · Phase One XF 100MP Review - XF 100MP Specifications Phase One XF 100MP Camera Will Cost You a Whopping $48,990 Jan 06, 2016 · Phase One XF 100MP Medium Format Camera Will Cost You a Whopping $48,990; Sony and is available immediately for purchase with a Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS lens for $48,990 (approximately Rs

22 Sep 2016 Phase One recently launched two new professional camera lenses at the Photokina The current pricing for the lens are US$5,990 (approx.

Pre-Owned Backs & Lenses | Product categories | Digital Back Jeffery Salter takes us behind the scenes with the very first cover shoot using the Phase One IQ260. My hats off to the Capture Integration in Atlanta who flew down to provide digital capture or the shoot. It was amazing when Dave Gallagher brought along two brand new … Hands-On with the New 150MP Phase One XF IQ4 Medium … Sep 28, 2018 · Phase One has built the XF IQ4 on what it is calling the “Infinity Platform,” which is designed to be easily upgradable, making the camera system “future proof,” according to Phase One. The XF IQ4 150MP offers dual storage with both XQD and SD card slots, along with new tethering options including wireless, USB-C and Ethernet connectivity. Phase One Capture One Pro Review | PCMag Jan 10, 2020 · Phase One Capture One offers pro and prosumer digital photographers excellent detail from raw camera files, as well as local adjustment, advanced color, and layer tools, but it still trails in Phase One Introduces the XF IQ4 Camera System | Fstoppers

Jan 04, 2016 · Phase One XF 100MP Review - XF 100MP Specifications

Jul 24, 2016 · This past January, Phase One introduced the Phase One XF 100MP camera system. We covered this camera on the day of launch in detail and, subsequently, with a more in-depth detailed interview with the VP of R&D at Phase One, Lau Nørgaard.

Phase One Introduces the XF IQ4 Camera System | Fstoppers

Phase One's camera gear is substantial. This shows the 645AF with the $3,890 75-150mm f4.5 zoom lens attached. Stephen Shankland/CNET Most folks think carefully before spending $300 on a new camera. Phase One XF 100MP Review | PCMag Sep 01, 2016 · The Phase One XF 100MP ($48,990 with 80mm lens) is a full-on studio camera, with a modern, rugged body, a huge image sensor, and robust support for … Phase One XT is a Tiny Medium Format Field Camera for $57,000 Sep 10, 2019 · Phase One just announced the new XT Camera System, a compact medium format camera that's the smallest digitally integrated field camera ever. … Phase One XF IQ4 digital backs offer up to 150MP and ... Aug 28, 2018 · Phase One has introduced its new Infinity Platform and XF IQ4 digital back, which have the core functions of its Capture One software embedded in the cameras' processors. Three models will be available, including 150MP color and monochrome backs, as well as a 100MP color model.

Jan 04, 2016 · Phase One XF 100MP Review - XF 100MP Specifications

Medium Format Digital Cameras | B&H Photo Video Basic Components of Medium Format Digital Cameras. Cameras such as the Hasselblad H Series camera retains the traditional format of older film cameras in that they have a camera body, a detachable camera back, and a detachable lens. Most controls are on the body, and many cameras use a shutter mounted inside the lens. Phase One XF IQ3 review: Phase One XF camera and IQ3 ... Oct 06, 2015 · The Phase One XF-IQ3 offers superb image quality for those with the budget to afford it and the patience to set up shots carefully. Phase One's extraordinarily high prices rule out these Fuji vs. Phase One: How good is your glass? So with the popular release of the Fuji GFX 100 this fall, it was just natural to question what lenses can resolve this sensor and how does this system, and its lenses, compare to the Phase One IQ1 100 system and lenses. We chose the IQ1 100 due to price. We wanted to keep the 100mp sensor prices … Phase One P+ Digital Back - Capture Integration

Digital cameras may age in dog years, but Phase One’s newest medium format system is designed to adapt to new technology over time. On August 28, Phase One unveiled the XF IQ4 Infinity Platform Phase One IQ180, IQ160 and IQ140 | Photography Blog Jan 24, 2011 · Phase One has announced its new IQ series digital camera backs, including the 80-megapixel Phase One IQ180. The imager inside the IQ180 measures 53.7x40.4mm, which is so close to the dimensions of the classic 645 format film frame that Phase One terms it a “full-frame” sensor. Phase One Vs Hasselblad Part 2 - Photography Blog Following straight on from a previous post… Phase One Vs Hasselblad Part 1… A few years back now I bought the Hasselblad H4D-60 and used it extensively and loved it. It had its limitations, such as the 1/800sec shutter speed and the primitive UI, but the image files were worth it and the camera itself behaved flawlessly. The Phase One XT is a Modular Medium Format for Travel